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We’ve been striving for the past  5 years to provide the Best Music Promotion Services for thousands of artists. Every creator’s goal is to have their music heard by a large audience. We will make it easier for you to build a solid legit foundation of followers and subscribers and have your music heard worldwide.We always provide 100% Real and organic music promotion to our clients.

You can easily choose from our social media promotion packages covering all the main networks relevant in promoting artists. Promote your work to your target audience through YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Instagram. We will do the hard work necessary to consolidate an audience of real people, with real accounts and following the rules of each individual social network.

We know that in today’s world, every artist must build a strong social media branding and constantly work on optimizing it. This is where our experience comes to help you reach the trending lists, and gain new followers, and plays.

Through our experience and hard work with more than 30,000 happy clients so far, We have proved our skills to be able to deliver fast and reliable service at a very competitive price.

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With Our Premium music promotion Services you too can shine among your peers and get your music heard by an increasing number of fans, and also get noticed in the industry.

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Real & Authentic Promotion

Our company always provide 100% real and authentic music promotion.We don’t use any bots or other softwares to get plays, views,likes,comments,followers or streams.

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 Over 05 Years our company do Music Promotions. So we know what we are doing. we have the best Music promoters in the game.

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You Should know that Organic Music Promotion Isn’t cheap.There are cheap promoters out there.
They all are doing  fake promotions using bots.Those promotions never get you anywhere.

No 01# Instagram Promotion.

Like every other person or brand out there, you need to have an active presence on Instagram. And it is very well clear that you can’t do this with only a handful of followers. In this case, the industry pioneer Premium Promotions Corp  well-renowned service that allows you to buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views might be the tool to change your course on Instagram.

There are tons of advantages of buying Instagram followers,likes,views for your account, and it doesn’t matter if you use it for personal purposes or direct profit. Either case, the dynamic behind a profile and its followers is still the same.

You’ll need to persuade people to follow you as an influencer or a service provider. It must be clear that you’re worth looking up to.

Well, hence you can’t sit back and wait for your future audience to discover you out of their sheet curiosity and enthusiasm; you’ll need to take action.


Your #1 Choice For SoundCloud Promotion

Our real and organic soundcloud promotion will get you 100% real, legit exposure on your tracks. We got you and we know there’s no effect on your music with bots or fake plays. Our promotion is 100% authentic. You will see that. In our soundcloud promotion we target your audience so that will help you to increase your fanbase.

100% Real Audience

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No 01# YouTube Promotion.

YouTube is the most powerful video sharing platform on the planet. It is much more popular than television and all streaming services put together. The video sharing website is also popular for on-demand music. As well As The competition is high. videos are great promotional tool for any artist to establish a brand and attract new fans. You have put a lot of hard work and talent in creating your videos and the success you wanted is still not there. Getting traction and becoming viral is not easy, especially in a market with lots of content providers. This is why We provide you The Best Real And Organic YouTube Video Promotion service.


Your #01 Choice For Spotify Promotion

Our real and organic spotify promotion will get you 100% real, legit exposure on your tracks. We got you and we know there’s no effect on your music with bots or fake plays. Our promotion is 100% authentic. You will see that. In our spotify promotion we target your audience so that will help you to increase your fanbase.We use our own network, affiliates and huge partner lists (music promoters, online radio stations, playlists, and others) to promote your work on Spotify. We work with over 2,000 Spotify Playlists. We offer only organic Spotify promotion.

100% Real Audience

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At Premium Promotions corp, we are focus on quality, not quantity. We share your content to people who are most passionate about discovering you. Your content will be share within social networks, blogs, websites etc.

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