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How to Grow Your Instagram Account In 2022

Growing Instagram is probably the most discussed topic today! And we are sure everyone here wants to get more followers, right?

But what do you exactly do to get started?

Below we added some tips to get more popular on Instagram organically.

The first step is buying real and organic Instagram followers.

This is the easiest and fastest method to increase your following.

Instagram has completely changed its algorithm for 2019, so any fake activity will not help you to become more visible.
Actually, I think it’s great news! Because now you have even more chances to promote your Instagram account and become recognized in your niche.

So, the second step to getting more followers on Instagram is,

Identify your target audience

You should be confident in who your followers are and what they like to see in their feed.

The third step you should do is,

Turn your account into a business one and connect it to your Facebook business page.

It’s pretty simple to do. Follow this guide to get an Instagram Business account:


Create a Facebook business (not your personal) page

Go to the setting of your Instagram account and choose Accounts → Switch to Business Account.
Connect your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook Business Page.

The fourth thing to become visible on Instagram is,

Add correct information to your profile.

Your name and profile bio must contain relevant keywords. If you’re a local business, adding your location in your Instagram Bio will simplify the way to find you for your customers and increase trust. Also, you’re allowed to add a link to your website, YouTube channel, or another social network to your Instagram profile.

Step five is all about your content.

Here are the most important points:

  • Be consistent (post every day) – At least at the beginning of your Insta journey.
  • Post only high-quality content-  Everything you add to your grid must be eye-catching, bright, intriguing, and exciting.
  • Provide value –Want people to listen to you and trust you? Be an expert.
  • Tell a story – People prefer true stories more than advertising.
  • Use the right CTAs –  Interact with your audience. Don’t be afraid of asking questions.

Using the right #HASHTAGS

This is the sixth step on the way to your popular Instagram account. The main rule: Don’t use the same hashtags for all your posts!

If you use the same set of hashtags every time, most likely Instagram will consider your content as spam and decrease your reach. All you need is to create about 7–10 sets of relevant hashtags and alternate them. It’s also important to find hashtags relevant to your niche. I don’t recommend that you use hashtags with 1 million and more followers. Add less frequently used but suitable hashtags and try to get on TOP of them.

The next seventh tip to follow to get popular on Instagram is,

Adding Stories!

Add photos and videos to your Stories every day with mandatory location and relevant hashtags. Stories are the easiest way to expand your reach to a new audience. Stories, are also great to interact with your audience with such features as Questions, quizzes, and Countdown.

The eighth piece of advice for getting more Instagram visitors is,

Use live streaming and IGTV features

Instagram continues to promote these features and they give their users more impressions and reach.

Constantly Like, Comment, Follow! It’s a ninth tip. Use these actions for both your competitors and their followers. Yes, it’s important that you interact with competitors in your niche too. You need to do this to be shown among the suggested accounts of your competitor.

The last but not least tip is,

Monitor your account statistics every day.

For this, go to Insights and find out what time your followers are the most active, which of your content are most engaged and saved, and where in the world is the biggest concentration of your followers.

Thank you.

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