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How To Promote Music In 2021?

Today, popularity on YouTube and other social platforms is the most important part of any artist’s success.

But you need to do more than just create a great music video to maximize its potential. There is no point in producing video clips if no one wants to watch them. If no one is interested in seeing it, let alone sharing it, then your video is virtually worthless. Therefore, you should also find ways to promote and advertise your videos in order to improve the online visibility of your videos.

How To Promote Music In 2021?

Below, we outline 5 of the most important promotion tactics you can follow to promote and boost your music video to achieve exceptional results.

Publish your video natively

Great video content is meant to be shared. And the best way to do that is to make sure your video is hosted online. You can start by choosing from these popular platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, and Instagram.

YouTube is by far the greatest of these options. It is also the second largest search engine on the web, so it offers more opportunities to reach your target audience.

But it’s not enough to host your videos online. You also need to determine their effectiveness so that you can plan your next steps. You can cross-promote or run paid ads behind your high performing videos.

Now here is where the promotion of the music video takes place. To make sure your videos are seen, you can advertise frugal on social media platforms with controlled budgets and targeted audiences.

Optimize your video content

Internet users don’t have a lot of time and patience when doing research online. So you need to hit your prospects with one glance, persuade them to click and watch your video now.

First of all, you need to optimize the video for each social platform. Remember, people watch more videos on mobile, so try experimenting with mobile formats like square or even vertical videos.

Use promotional tools and services

If you want your videos to reach more audience, take advantage of Youtube Music video promotion

and social media.

More and more people hang out on social media sites almost every day. It just means that you can reach more audience using social media ads.

You can leverage your advertising by targeting your audience based on hundreds of factors. This way, you have access to a more specific group of fans who could potentially benefit from watching your music.

Also, be sure to produce videos that touch the hearts and souls of your fans. This way, we create a deep and memorable engagement with them, which results in higher response rates by getting more shares, comments and likes.

Therefore, the more people see your music video, the more likely you are to convert them into fans.

Optimize your video for the search engine

Search engine optimization (SEO) works. In fact, it has helped many businesses boost and grow their online businesses. And yours is no exception.

SEO isn’t just about understanding what potential customers are looking for, but it’s also about making sure the content is shareable and reliable.

By simply knowing what your prospects are looking for, you’ll be able to create highly relevant and engaging online content. And a greater chance of getting more likes, comments, and shares.

Share your video in niche communities

Targeting online music communities, especially those in the same niche with your music, is an effective way to promote your videos.

There are several different tools you can use to learn more about your target audience. But you can always start with a general Google search. After which you can be more specific using social media.

Whether it’s a LinkedIn group, Facebook group, or any popular online community, you can actively participate in conversations or discussions while sharing your video content as needed.

More Tips

Before you promote your music online, however, you want to make sure it is part of an overall strategy; otherwise you’ll end up scattering your efforts on this platform and that platform, without any cohesive plan that really propels your career forward.

Your overall strategy can be broadly split it into three parts:

  1. Grow your audience (getting attention)
  2. Engage your audience (converting attention into fans)
  3. Monetize your audience (converting fans into customers)

The key to ALL the parts is to ALWAYS be focused on collecting email addresses and then engaging with your growing fanbase by email. So, every action you take should be designed to either sell something (and capture an email in the process) or simply capture an email.

Usually, you’d send people to your own website/capture page, but you could use other services; so long as you get their email address! For growing your audience you want to use tools with high organic search capability (unless you want to spend lots of money, in which case ads, such as on Facebook, might work for you).

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet. As a musician, YouTube should be a key platform.

Here are SOME ideas to get you started in optimising your YouTube uploads:

  • Name your video files appropriately before you upload them
  • “Artist Name – Song Title” is the standard format for your title, don’t try to be flash (but do add “cover by [yourname]” at the end, if it is a cover)
  • Use the first line of the description to place an HTTP:// link back to your website/email capture site, with a clear and valuable call to action (i.e. “get 6 songs for free on this link > [yoursite. com]”
  • Use the rest of the description as much as possible (e.g. the story of the song, the gear you used, the lyrics, etc). Also add links to all your other online touch-points (e.g. Facebook, etc)
  • Use the translate feature – over 60% of YouTube search traffic is non-English. The good news is, music transcends language! That’s a LOT of people who might like your music, if they can find it. Use Google Translate to convert to multiple languages (at least the main ones, like Spanish, etc) and add that in.
  • Use the tags, but targeted; don’t only add “rock music” as that is too generic. Get as specific as you can (“a song about splitting up with my boyfriend”, “happy party song to get you dancing”, etc). People are searching using these kinds of terms; you want their traffic.

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