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Real and Organic Soundcloud Promotions

Real and Premium Soundcloud Promotion

Getting ignored at SoundCloud? Don’t stand for that! Prove them how terrific you are and promote your songs you create through our special SoundCloud promotion packages, which will encourage the community to lend an ear to your audio tracks.

Having a huge amount of SoundCloud plays, followers and likes will help make you appear like a rockstar with a massive fan base of Clouders. Don’t you think the high amount of plays, followers, and likes is enough to support this state

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real & organic Soundcloud Promotion packages

Starter Soundcloud Promo

Delivery Starts Within 24 hrs


  • Legit and Authentic Real Plays Over One track.
  • 100% Organic Promotion Cammpaign
  • 100% Real Engagements
  • Real Likes, Reposts, Comments & Followers
  • No bots! Promotion Will Get You a Real Exposure
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • 24/7 live support
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Soundcloud Blast

Delivery Starts Within 24 hrs


  • Legit and Authentic Real Plays Over One track.
  • 100% Organic Promotion Cammpaign
  • 100% Real Engagements
  • Real Likes, Reposts, Comments & Followers
  • No bots! Promotion Will Get You a Real Exposure
  • 5-6 days delivery
  • 24/7 live support
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Value Soundcloud Promo

Delivery Starts Within 24 hrs


  • Legit and Authentic Real Plays Over One track.
  • 100% Organic Promotion Cammpaign
  • 100% Real Engagements
  • Real Likes, Reposts, Comments & Followers
  • No bots! Promotion Will Get You a Real Exposure
  • 7-8 days delivery
  • 24/7 live support
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Soundcloud Playlist Promotions

Best promotions to promote your playlists

Soundcloud Playlist Basic

Delivery Starts Within 24-36 hrs


  • Legit and Authentic Real Plays Over all tracks
  • 100% Organic Promotion Cammpaign
  • 100% Real Engagements
  • Real Likes, Reposts, Comments & Followers
  • No bots! Promotion Will Get You a Real Exposure
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • 24/7 live support
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Soundcloud Playlist Blast

Delivery Starts Within 24-36 hrs


  • Legit and Authentic Real Plays Over One track.
  • 100% Organic Promotion Cammpaign
  • 100% Real Engagements
  • Real Likes, Reposts, Comments & Followers
  • No bots! Promotion Will Get You a Real Exposure
  • 5-7 days delivery
  • 24/7 live support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need Soundcloud promotion?

We want you to succeed in your music career. We provide marketing and promotional services for major labels, music industry professionals and independent artists. Whether you are a new artist, young label, or an established musician, we design our music marketing services to help you reach your targeted audience and possibly go Viral!

Are you offering a legitimate organic SoundCloud promotion service?

Yes, we work only with real accounts and follow the SoundCloud Terms of Services!

What are the benefits of SoundCloud promotion?

Whether you are a rising talented artist or an industry veteran, having a strong online presence is of utmost importance if you want to stay relevant for your fans and industry peers. If you buy organic SoundCloud promotion services from us, we will provide with our experience and knowledge in the field and make sure your follower base increases, potentially going viral.

What music genre do you promote on Soundcloud?

We can promote all kinds of genre, but many of our customers have been SoundCloud rappers.

How long does it take to my SoundCloud campaign to start?

Once you’ve placed your order, it usually takes a day to prepare the necessary info and set up the campaigns, we start things as soon as 12 hours after purchase.

Can I promote more than once the same track?

Yes, you can place as many orders for the same track as you feel is needed, this is not uncommon, many customers buy several promotions of the same track to increase the results even more.

What demographics and countries will you promote my music to?

We promote to a worldwide audience with a focus on North America.

How to get real and organic SoundCloud Promotion in 2022?

As the world’s largest music and audio platform, SoundCloud lets people discover and enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most diverse creator community on earth. Since launching in 2008, the platform has become renowned for its unique content and features, including the ability to share music and connect directly with artists, as well as unearth breakthrough tracks, raw demos, podcasts and more. This is made possible by an open platform that directly connects creators and their fans across the globe. Music and audio creators use SoundCloud to both share and monetise their content with a global audience, as well as receive detailed stats and feedback from the SoundCloud community

Free soundcloud promotion

SoundCloud is a professional tool for Premier artists that allows you to put your music in the broad community. SoundCloud allows you to promote your music quickly and provides the opportunity to get more exposure to your music.
We help you with the best promotion services that are both discreet and anonymous. If you were looking for a method to get SoundCloud followers naturally yet at a faster pace, this is where you should start your promotion.
With incredible experience in SoundCloud promotion, our marketing team will allow you to bring your music to the top of the charts in no time!

real and organic soundcloud promotion

I started building my network while obtaining my Master’s Degree in the entertainment business at Full Sail University.
The platform was then expanded gradually with care. I attended and also organized music conferences and networking events.
Though it is essential to get people into the community, I was required to consider the people who were entering the neighbourhood carefully. Their trustworthiness, their knowledge in the music industry as well as their experience were considered before directly considering them as a part of the city.

Spotify Promotions

Spotify is a place that you, as a young artist, should definitely join. It is a great place to see your music grow – to gather more audience to your work. Spotify brings you the chance to share your music as well as to share your stories and obtain the image that you were always thriving to get.


We are specialists in Spotify promotions and have helped more than many young artists to bring out their talents to the crowd. If you are thinking big, then Spotify should definitely be the place to begin your work! Join us and witness yourself grow in the realm of music.

In some of the bigger packages online marketing and Music Press Releases are also included. The best part is your track will get a huge boost with our Facebook, Twitter and Reddit Paid Promotion.

On Spotify and Soundcloud you can get real followers through this service. Followers you gain from this promotion come through real markting so there will be no drops and followers will engage with your future music too.For youtube music we provide real subscribers and real comments.

How can I promote my SoundCloud music?

When you start type of work as a artist , you must understand only thing – that it is a crowded market out there and to catch the attention of music lovers and listeners is not going to be an easy task . But that should surely not prevent you from taking advantage and using the facilities available on this online streaming platform . The truth is that if you are already on Soundcloud , then you are on the right track . Listed below are few easy-to-use tricks that could be used by promising musicians to improve the stats and start building and growing their fan base .

1 .Instant Increase

To grow your fan base inorganically and thereby ensure higher Soundcloud plays , you can invest in buying Soundcloud plays . Buying likes and plays is a proven marketing methodology today with even corporate companies indulging in this from time to time . There are very few reliable companies in the social media market that provide authentic and real-time followers and genuine Soundcloud plays, Premium Promotions Corp us delivers the best service in the market( It’s HERE ) . It comes at a price but is worth the effort to help your tracks get better mileage and promotion .

2 . Share on Social Media

Share on Social Media

Sharing the track on social media sites like Facebook , YouTube , Twitter , and Pinterest will enable a large viewership of the post and tweet . You could also request your Soundcloud followers to share the link , track , teasers on their respective social media platforms .

a .Facebook : It is pretty easy to integrate the Soundcloud track into Facebook as an embedded playable track by simply pasting the URL of the track on your FB page . Over time , a special fan page can be created where track samples can be uploaded for your fans .

b .YouTube : YouTube is another convenient option that can be used to promote your Soundcloud audios . Since the integration between Soundcloud and YouTube is not as easy as other platforms , hence this medium can be and should be used for promotion by posting teasers , putting up the embedded link in the YouTube video and redirecting engaged listeners to your Soundcloud page .

c .Twitter : this is one of the most effective media of providing live updates to your listeners and followers on your music releases .

3 .Soundcloud Groups

Next is to become members of different groups on Soundcloud – since this way is free of cost , it will not hurt you to socialize a bit . The benefit is that once you become a member of the various group you could share your tracks with them thereby helping the music get natural Soundcloud plays .

4 .Customized Image

Add custom header images and specific descriptions talk about the music piece . It is important that this header should be a good mix of high-resolution and explicit images and creative descriptive . Making the header professional by adding credits , lyrics , etc . will make it more appealing .

5.Album Cover

Hire a designer to make your album cover wonderful and impressive . It is because once the album cover gets coverage on social media , it is your music that is getting represented . Hence it is essential to make it attractive and truly symbolize your audio .

6 . Offer Free Downloads

Offering a free download is a sensible idea to popularize your genre of music amongst millions of listeners available on the platform . It is a fundamental human nature , and music lovers are no different . Once you offer this facility , your Soundcloud plays are going to increase within no time .

7 .Share Songs

One very effective method of getting noticed is to share songs and musical creations of other artists , especially if you have some favorites . Since Soundcloud is more like a community for music lovers and appreciators , it is good to support others by sharing and commenting and in turn , watch your following and plays grow .

8 .Tag Your Song

Tags are crucial to expanding Soundcloud plays . Of course , one should not over-do . Keep it limited but choose the right and concern tags so that the Soundcloud algorithms can locate your record and recommend the same to its users on high priority .

9 . Follow Back

Similar to growing your follower base at other social media platforms , you must follow and counter follow other artists and musicians . It helps because in this way followers of another artist notice you and get tempted to listen to your tracks and albums . When a Soundcloud user follows you , and you follow him back , it helps in two ways – one , you create an instant connection with this person and secondly , you would create more exposure to your release as his groups and followers will be able to view your uploaded album and check the same .

Creating a masterpiece is as essential as knowing how to market it well to find the right audience . It is true that making a great song or a piece on a musical instrument is not enough in this already crowded internet medium . You need to do things differently to get noticed and get due recognition . Using some of the tricks above will help you move in the right direction . Since this is an evolving medium , keep yourself engaged dynamically with the medium to discover ways to get more Soundcloud plays .

The best ways to become popular and famous on SoundCloud?

Nowadays, SoundCloud very famous so if you don’t change your strategy so your track will difficult to promote everyone. I’ll share some strategies to you get it.

1. Order SoundCloud promotion package

Getting your tracks played more is indispensable for drawing new followers. People are inclined to listen to your tracks if they see plenty of other people listening. An effective way to achieve that boost is to purchase SoundCloud promotion service. Premium Promotions us offer different promotion packages to choose.

Some providers can deliver 1000 plays for as low as $3, By the way definately coming from bots.

So always be carefull before purchasing SoundCloud plays,followers like that. Go beyond the prices and look into the quality of other services they have.You should also consider the additional things that you get from the promotion (real followers, likes, comments).

Go to soundcloud promotions

2. Comment on related SoundCloud tracks or Pay for comments in your track.

Connecting with other SoundCloud artists within your niche is an effective way to build a network for attracting more followers.Commenting on their tracks is one of the easiest ways to do this. It also makes you more visible to other artists’ listeners, drawing them to your tracks.

The key to making this strategy helpful is leaving high-quality comments that would lead to a conversation between you and the track’s owner and fans. Feel free to comment about their track’s technical aspects or other topics that would be of interest to them. Do it in a constructive manner to leave a positive impression and encourage them to respond.

Once you have set up an ongoing conversation with other artists and their audience, you will inevitably draw them to your own music. When directing them back to your tracks, make the action a part of your conversation. You can, as an example, present your tracks as a reference for them. This encourages them to see what you offer.

3. Connect with bloggers

Reaching out to music bloggers can increase the visibility of your music outside of SoundCloud and attract new followers. There are plenty of blogs out there that cater to your specific genre. These blogs are often on the lookout for new acts to feature, giving you a good opportunity to catch their interest. Talking to vloggers is just as important:

When submitting your music to blogs, prepare a good pitch for it. Talk about any interesting stories behind your tracks or aspects of your music in general.This will make you stand out from other submissions that the blogger is reviewing. Having an impressive SoundCloud page is also very important since you will be linking back to it in your pitch.

Put your best tracks on the front of your profile for the blogger’s benefit. You can also purchase some followers to boost your page’s prominence and create a better initial impression on them.

4. Post on music forums

While social media is the dominant online promotional channel for musicians nowadays, forums are still invaluable for drawing new SoundCloud followers.Reddit, in particular, remains a popular place for people to find new artists to follow. The site has dozens of active music subreddits, including one dedicated to SoundCloud.

Before submitting your tracks to any forum, familiarize yourself with their posting rules. You also don’t want your link posts to look spammy.Instead of just dropping your SoundCloud link, provide some context around it. You can talk about the inspirations behind the track or its technical aspects. This serves to pique readers’ interest and get them to click the link.

As it is with social media, engaging with other forum members is essential for making your SoundCloud page and tracks more visible.On Reddit, as an example, actively responding to comments can raise your upvotes and place your posts higher in the post lists.

Keep your engagements genuine and interesting to turn these upvotes into an actual following.

5. Connect with influencers

If you are advertising your SoundCloud page and tracks on Twitter, getting influencers to tweet your links will give you a big boost. One way to employ these influencers is through sponsored tweets. Here, you pay influencers to recommend you music to their followers. Sponsored tweet campaigns vary in cost depending on the popularity of the influencer and the scale of the campaign.

To get the most out of sponsored tweets, you should have the right influencers. Look at how passionate they are about the kind of music you have.

This will tell you how effective they are at promoting your music to their followers. Additionally, this can give you an idea of how receptive their followers will be to your tracks.

6. Make a music video

Creating music videos is always an effective means of drawing attention to your SoundCloud tracks. Use your videos to cross-promote your Soundcloud page on other social media sites by adding a link back to your profile, or the featured track.

Real And Organic Soundcloud Music Promotions

Organic SoundCloud Promotion is the manner for maximum of the freelancers and singers to get determined, you realize you have got the capability to sing and can get the attention of human beings however that isn’t always sufficient to growth your fan base. It doesn’t fulfill your innovative soul. You want to be heard, observed and cherished by using masses since you already know you have the skills. Real and Organic SoundCloud Promotion can be the answer to all your dreams.

Please checkout our Best Soundcloud Music Promotion Packages.

Still wondering how a unmarried streaming site can solution to all your queries. Let’s dig deeper and attempt to recognize

If we must evaluate SoundCloud with every other website it would be LinkedIn. It is a form of social network platform where the song manufacturer or artist meet up with their fanatics and can access releases or previews of numerous records earlier than they may be on the cabinets. SoundCloud’s Head Quarter is in Berlin. This platform is widely used and pretty well-known. Most of the listeners that we stumble upon are searching out for pleasant song. There are about a hundred seventy five million energetic users on this platform that is twice of many different systems like Spotify. If you are capable of imparting fine music to these listeners just believe the kind of masses you will entice and advantage as your followers.

Here now not simplest listeners however Producers, Musicians, Music Managers, Influencers and plenty of other representatives from the tune industry are present in case you are able to make connections and grasp maintain of opportunities you could hit a jackpot.

What can I do for Organic SoundCloud Promotion

There are diverse web sites which provide SoundCloud Promotions. You should pick out wisely among the listing of offerings providers, as there are many carrier providers which use bots to increase your perspectives, performs, and hits. This can provide you with result for one time perhaps but when considered in a long run everyone need that the lovers and fans that we have made are real and going to be hooked to us for lengthy. The sites that offer Organic SoundCloud Promotions are only a few and earlier than choosing any you should get opinions and do a proper historical past check to understand whether or not they’re authentic or fraud.

Premium Promotions Us keep our Promotion packages simple and authentic. We don’t offer any views,likes,comments and followers promotions because

Organic SoundCloud Promotion is considered one of its types because it affords you with a wide array of alternatives for the artist. Some of the ways to acquire Organic SoundCloud Promotion are:

Tagging – Why is tagging required? It is as it makes you discoverable when a person searches the SoundCloud. Using appropriate, simple and straightforward tags and key phrases are the trick to gain this. The greater correct your keyword or tag is it’s miles less difficult to find it. You can link the tag for your collaborators with the aid of using an @ in the front of their SoundCloud Name.

Add Buy Link – Soundcloud is a platform which lets you upload a buy link on your song, You simply want to add the link from in which the listener should buy your song like iTunes, Bandcamp or whichever web page you operate to promote your music.

Art at the Album-On SoundCloud your art work subjects as it gives a vibe of your music, so make it stand out. It topics anywhere it is going be it Facebook, Spotify or your website, the art of your album should be depicting your tune. Use a JPG or PNG format with 800 x 800 pixels. You can constantly lease a dressmaker to do this element for you if you aren’t so assured about it. There are many freelancers that could do this on your finances. Spending a touch on part of your album must no longer be neglected as that is the primary factor that human beings notice when they click. If your art isn’t always going along with your tune, human beings may also get bored and look at different places.

Premium Promotions Corp delivers the best Real and Organic SoundCloud Promotions. It has many features which can help you in promoting your track as you can privately share your track links. This let you in getting linked to the Influencers out there. You can always send unfinished links and ask for the remarks which assist you to in increasing the exceptional of your final launch. It also provides a experience of exclusivity which is good while you are sharing it with tastemakers. Another benefit of going pro is you could each time switch the audio and keep the likes, feedback, and performs intact.

Sharing is need to – Now your tune is uploaded and you’re sooner or later viewing the effects and hits move up. You are happy with the way your tune is making hits inside the SoundCloud but are not sure about the destiny. How many days will the views remaining, how many days will like come or human beings will proportion it? This is just the first step performed. Now is the time to get proactive, you should understand that it’s far a human psychology to help individuals who assist them.

So while one says sharing is caring it is so authentic. You must understand that just uploading your music isn’t going that will help you have to constantly share works of other singers out there whom you want and can’t get sufficient of. These structures paintings on sharing when you endorse one person different may do the same and simply introducing your tune to his/ her lovers as well, which in flip will growth your followers.

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