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What is the quickest way to increase Instagram followers?

We are living in digital era. Its one of the easiest era to build your business online without spending any dime, and grow to millions of followers. BUT, it takes efforts, consistency, uniqueness to be in the top.

Instagram Promotions

Growing thousands of followers for many different accounts, i have figured out some of the best ways that helps me grow Instagram followers in a fast and a organic way. Using these ways you can grow your account even if you have less than 100 followers to hundred thousands of followers within months.

Below i am listing some of the ways using which you grow your followers, these tips not only helps you grow your followers but also to improve your profile engagement, brand awareness and have a good social presence.

Content is the KING :

  • Original Content : This is one of the most important reason for success of any big page on IG, Make sure you are posting original content, no one wants to see repeated content on all pages.
  • Provide FREE value as much as you can : Remember, you can only grow if you are providing free value to the audience,audience will only follow you if they are getting real value which can make them smarter, happier, improve their life, get to know something new, learn something that may helps them in improving their career, earnings, better fashion tips, dress smartly, look confident etc.
  • Relatable Content : One of the popular ways why many accounts attracts lots of audience is because they post content that the users can connect with, they feel emotional connect, similar thinking. So, try to put content that is easy to understand and people easily connected with it.

Profile Optimization :

  • Profile Picture : The first thing that any user sees whenever someone founds your content useful/interesting/entertaining is they look towards your profile picture, make sure to have a profile picture which depicts your brand, easily to read in small thumbnails if it has a text or a logo.
  • Username : Try to keep it similar to your brand/name/business . Don’t use too long usernames, keep it short and crisp. Try to avoid period or underscore in username.
  • Bio : Bio plays an important role for every new visitor to page to whether scroll down to your page to see your content or not. Bio in points works best. First two lines of Bio are very important, you should mention what is your page is about, what type of content users will get to see in that page. Then after two lines, you can provide some additional information or Call to action, to follow your page or visit your link.
  • Highlights : If you post stories, then you can categorize them in different highlights providing the best stories that you posted.


  • HASHTAGS: Hashtags are the most important factor for any account to get their posts to reach millions of users without spending any content. I see most of the users spend hours to create content, writing captions but hardly takes 5 minutes to choose their hashtags. You have to spend time to select them. Make sure that you are choosing hashtags related to your niche only. Don’t change your hashtags in every post, the best way is to use 11–20 Hashtags, using the same hashtags again and using 30 every time can make your account shadowbanned, don’t select hashtags that have too much volume, try to use hashtags within 1 million posts, unless you have more than 10k followers, also don’t use which have too low volumes. When you found hashtags that do good for you, make 3–4 sets of them and use them randomly on posts. The rules for hashtags don’t work the same on accounts, you have to figure out what method works best for you.

  • Users Engagement: There is no use in having thousands of followers if your engagement rate is low. It’s one of the underrated things which most people ignore. Having a good followers engagement in your page, can really help you boost your post, have better growth and Brand Awareness. Try to interact with your followers as much you can. Reply to every comment in your posts, ask them questions, ask about their opinions, tell them to tag their friends that can be benefited from your post. Use stickers in Stories. Ask your followers to follow on Post notifications.

  • Call To Action: Many of my clients complained that get despite getting thousands of likes, they are getting very less amount of followers or link visits or sales, this is because they don’t add any Call to action in their posts or they try to use it in an inappropriate way that makes them looks spammy. So, what I recommend is to have a proper post caption, firstly mentions what the post is all about or starts with asking a question, then proving value to the audience, details about the posts, minimum 2–3 lines. After that just simply ask them to give a follow if they want to see more of your valuable content, visit your bio link to know about you, etc. REMEMBER, adding a call to action is necessary to get better results, because, most people will just simply like your content and scroll down.

  • Consistency: Many people complained even after following all the ways told my be they did not see any growth or get good results. When I visit their profiles, I saw that they did not have any consistency in their account. Sometimes they post in weeks, sometimes more than 5 posts in a day. This is what makes your profile not ranking good. Instagram runs on smart algorithms that their developers spend years to develop and continue making changes every day. So, the algorithms are developed in such a way that if the found users to be consistent on the platform, posting at proper timings, engaging with users, don’t spam the platform, gets good results in the posts then the account automatically gets a good rank in hashtags and on explore page.

Buy Instagram Followers

3 quickest ways to quickly supercharge followers on Instagram.

  1. Engage with a curated marketplace
  2. Instagram Ads
  3. Leverage Instagram Features

Engage with a curated marketplace

A curated marketplace is a place that connects customers and providers together in meeting the demand and supply for marketing helps. It’s called curated because it handpicked its providers so that customers won’t need to waste time picking the wrong providers. As for how Fiver works where you need to try every single provider before finally meet up with the right provider that can fulfill your wants. I found one curated marketplace that works the best, AppSally. Here at AppSally, they curate their providers based on certain criteria that will help you get what you order.

Pro and cons of a curated marketplace


  • saves time
  • get real followers
  • increase exposure and visibility of your post


  • will require money but affordable

Instagram Ads

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you’ve likely noticed business advertisements popping up on your feed–and you might think that using Instagram advertising is the next move for your business. Instagram Ads gives you the opportunity to develop well-rounded consumer experiences at all stages of the funnel, construct brand awareness more efficiently and simultaneously drive conversions.

Pro and cons of Instagram Ads


  • help to drive traffic to your website
  • increase brand awareness
  • increase visibility


  • has a limited audience
  • less advanced

Leverage Instagram Features

Instagram constantly updated their features for a better user’s experiences. That being said, use them fully to widen your reach and grow your followers.


Geolocations are obtained from your mobile device’s physical location, which allows users to store or map their contents to those coordinates. But this only happens if you are asking Instagram to make your location public. Geotagging on Instagram is extremely easy. Simply tap “Tap “Add Location” from the “New Post” screen. Instagram will automatically provide you with a list of possible places near you or you can type in any other location of your choice.

Pro and cons of Instagram Geotagging


  • ease people to find you
  • content show up in more searches
  • more visibility


  • expose sensitive information to unwanted users


The hashtag was essentially created to brand and label updates into categories. It has been used mostly under all platforms includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. It has been widely used mostly for personal use and business purposes.

Pro and cons of Instagram Hashtag


  • organize your thoughts
  • take part in trending topics
  • get more exposure for your posts


  • sometimes the audience is not from your niche


Reposting has been around as a strategy on Instagram for quite some time. Certain third-party apps allowed for particular repost functions, often including watermarks or @ mention credits on the reposted photo.

Pro and cons of Instagram Repost


  • connect and engage with other users
  • diversify your content
  • build in-roads with your own followers


  • duplicate content
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